Oh No!!!

Well I have to admit….yesterday I ate a huge chocolate pastry. Craaaaaap. And my portions were too big. But the process is about learning right?!?!

Today my portions will be way smaller and I will workout more. Geez losing weight is hard lmao who knew!!

Aside from working out, I started school so balancing everything is a little hard but the workouts help relieve stress. People think working out is just BLAH and has no benefits but no way!!!! It will help lose stress so fast. When you’re really pissed off…that’s the best time to workout. I love it.

Time to go have my weekly breakfast from the 28DayChallenge. Here’s a picture of how I felt yesterday 😉



A challenge really is a challenge!!

Soooo today is the second day of the 28 Day Jumpstart challenge and I didn’t do so hot yesterday. I wasn’t able to buy all of the groceries for the plan because I had to buy textbooks! (College girl problems). However, I did have the breakfast and it was DELICIOUS. I used granola instead of oatmeal though. (Yum)

So today I will be able to do much better. I will prepare as much as I can on the meals and will be working out. I will probably do the workouts and go for a short run. The good thing is that I have been drinking a LOT of water. (Having to pee every 5 seconds sucks but beauty is pain right??)

This challenge is definitely proving to be a challenge for me only because it started on my first day of school, BUT I won’t let things stop me or make excuses. I’ll just get right back into it and go with it.


Getting ready for fitgirl life!!

Sooo the challenge doesn’t start for a few more days but i’m feeling a little doubtful! I’m worried about the grocery shopping and preparing the food….BUT I read the FitGirlsGuide and it was awesome 🙂

The book is a great read and everything seems to be mapped out which is just what I need 🙂 I am an extremely organized person so today I made my FitGirlsBoard which has encouraging words, a calendar to mark which days I do everything i’m supposed to be doing, and a list of things that I need to do before the challenge starts. This will help me see where i’m at and where I need to get myself.

Even if you’re not an organized person I recommend starting something like this! So far this blog is just for me, because I need a way to hold myself accountable, but if people do see it then good! Can’t hurt 🙂


I made this board a long time ago and usually use it to write to do lists on but for this challenge i’ll use it to track my progress.

I’m feeling excited!!!

Just the beginning!!


Today is day one of my blog. I have had many before but this one will be the one that I stick to and dedicate myself to. 2015 will be the year of Desiree and I encourage EVERYONE to feel the same about themselves!

I created this blog mostly to showcase the DIY projects that I do and for my fitness journey that I will be going through using Fit Girls Guide starting on Febuary 9th 🙂 I will be posting a full blog about my ENTIRE process so that people can see they aren’t the only ones going through it AND so I can track my progress!!

Follow me on instagram at fitgirldesiiann 🙂


Cheers to me!